Why leaving a water bottle in your car could be dangerous


You probably think it’s a responsible move to bring a water bottle with you when you’re out running errands. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that! It’s so important to drink plenty of waterthroughout your day to stay healthy and focused, so grabbing a water bottle on your way out the door is a smart move.

But there’s one thing you should never do when you’re taking bottled water out with you: leave it in the car.

It’s annoying, we know. You don’t want to bring your water bottle into the store or wherever you’re off to, it’s just going to be in the way! However, the consequences for lazily leaving your water behind could be more dangerous than you ever imagined.

glowing blue water bottle on black background
WH Kubik

A Facebook group called IdahoPower posted a story recently about a local man who experienced this danger firsthand.


Battery technician Dioni Amuchastegu typically would carry recycled plastic water bottles with him to work, in an effort to be environmentally conscious. One day, while sitting in his car on a lunch break, Dioni noticed smoked out of the corner of his eye.

When he turned to check out the situation, he saw that light was being refracted through his plastic water bottle. The light from that hot summer day was so intense, the bottle began to catch the passenger seat on fire.

“Light was just shining through the driver’s side window and shone right through (the water bottle) and burned those two spots in the seat right there.”



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