This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Wash Your Bed Sheets. I Won’t Be Putting It Off Anymore!



Eating, watching TV, reading, cuddling with a loved one or the family pet — we actually do a lot more things in bed than just sleeping. For those of us who sleep an average of seven hours a night, that means spending nearly 50 hours a week between the sheets. And most of us can tack on quite a few more hours when we consider all the time we use our beds for other things like the ones mentioned above.

Even though most of us enjoy the feeling of sleeping between freshly washed sheets, we’re not usually very fond of changing and washing our bedding on a regular basis. But the reality is, anyone who sleeps in the same sheets for more than two weeks is actually putting their health at risk — at least according to Dr. Lisa Ackerley who specializes in hygiene.

Here are some of the health risks she wants everyone to be aware of and a few tips for reducing them…

When we crawl into bed at night we’re actually not getting in alone. Our bodies carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria and that’s really quite normal. Most often these micro-organisms don’t cause us any harm. But while we sleep we transfer some of them to our bed sheets through our skin cells, saliva and other bodily fluids and night after night they accumulate to the point that they can become a real problem. In the end, a bed that isn’t kept clean can become an incubator for all kinds of nasty health risks. Here are just some of them.

Now here are some effective ways to prevent these health risks:



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