This 3-Minute Work-Out Will Get Rid Of Flabby Arms For Good


So, you’re ready to start working out? Great! Let’s get started.

In the first section, we will go over a few tips to keep in mind when exercising. In the next section, we will go over some super easy exercises that will help get rid of flab, including a 3-minute workout to help get rid of flabby arms.

3 tips to know when exercising

1. Form should be your #1 focus. explains that shunning form can decrease the effectiveness of your workout and lead to injury. If you are working out at home, try to do so in front of a mirror so that you can double check that your knees are over your ankles and your back is really as straight as you think it is.

The best way to maintain good form is to work out with a friend who can correct you. Working out with a friend also helps establish and maintain a routine and makes exercise fun and something to which to look forward.


2. Maintain good breathing. Equally as important as form is maintaining steady breath. Never hold your breath during a workout. It is crucial to inhale as you set up and exhale as you exert force. Doing so will make exercise dramatically easier.

3. Don’t forget to stretch. Always, always, always stretch and warm-up before and after exercising. A warm-up prevents injury and helps the body burn more fat.

4 killer workouts, including 3-minute exercise for flabby arms
Now, onto the workouts! Below, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite targeted workouts:




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