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New Weight Watchers Plan – The Ultimate Guide to Lunch


We’ve gathered our top tips and favorite recipes for your mid-day meal.

Lunch Prep Strategies That Work : Whether you’re packing lunch for yourself or the whole household, these streamlining strategies will get you out of the kitchen faster.

When you’re pressed for time, making a bagged lunch to bring to work or school is often the first thing that falls off the radar. Sure, you could send the kids off with a few dollars for the cafeteria, or pick up soup at the local deli during your lunch break. But a home-packed lunch is almost always more nutritious, tasty (it’s customized for you, by you), and cheaper than anything you’d purchase. Try one or more of these time-saving ideas and you’ll get the lunch prep done faster than you can say “I’ll take two slices and a cola.”


Prep like a Pro :

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is turn off The Voice so that you can get back in the kitchen and prepare tomorrow’s lunch. But the more you get ready for the day – or week – ahead, the less hectic your mornings will be. “Wash, cut, and create zipper baggies full of fruit, veggies, or other snacks,” says Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef Cookbooks. “Just make sure not to mix pre-cut fruit together, or it won’t keep.”

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Maximize Mealtime :


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