The Egg Power: How Eggs Help You Improve Your Health


eggbenefitsHow do you like your eggs? Sunnyside up, scrambled, or hard boiled? Eggs are considered one of the most versatile and healthiest food in the planet. It can be mixed or incorporated in other dishes, or just simply on its own. it is also one basic ingredient in almost all of the bread and pastries. So, who wouldn’t like eggs then?


But aside from the great help in the kitchen and in our daily dishes, let us look at the health benefits eggs can provide our bodies. You’ll be surprised of how much you get from simply eating this ‘complete food’.

Good source of Protein
Eggs are very good source of high quality protein. It is the cheapest way to intake protein in a daily basis. In fact, eggs contain the nine essential amino acids that our bodies need, making them a ‘complete’ source of protein.

Immune system promoter
Eggs can help in improving your immune system. Eggs, particularly the white part, contains selenium – a nutrient which regulates thyroid hormones and supports the immune system.

Since eggs contain nine out of the 20 essential amino acids that we need, they help us extend and live our lives better. Moreover, eggs contain lysine, which is essential in making sure that our health is in its highest peak.

Stress and anxiety are the most common causes of failing immune system of an individual. By eating eggs, anxiety and stress can also be avoided, as lysine and other amino acids that can be found in eggs have great mental effect and improvement in an individual.



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