Southern Fried Chicken Batter



This Southern Fried Chicken Batter calls for the pieces to be quickly brined and then dipped in a seasoned batter for a crisp Southern-style crust. Simple as can be. This is the real deal.


Southern Fried Chicken – classic Southern chicken recipe that is crunchy and crusty on the outside and juicy and flavorful on the inside; infused with spices and seasonings and soaked in buttermilk to amp its flavor. A great addition to your chicken recipe collection!

When you think of Southern food, the recipes that always come up are cornbread, gumbo, grits and, of course, this king of all kings — fried chicken.

Well, as much as I’d push myself to consistently put greens on my table, I just can’t seem to easily get away with it especially when we’re talking about chicken. It has been part of the family’s diet ever since. And as I grow older, I developed the fondness of collecting various fried or baked chicken recipes.

You don’t believe me? Check this blog and you’ll see a parade of chicken recipes that are always on top of my most searched recipes.

Some folks  like to soak their chicken  buttermilk , hours ahead or time others , just right  coat it. Soaking chicken in buttermilk leaves it tender and moist on the inside and helps the coating stick to the chicken easily. I soak mine right before frying . Just personal preference.

Double dip or not? Do the double dip y’all. Double dipping your chicken in buttermilk after dredging them with flour makes the chicken super crispy. You’ll thank yourself later.


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