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Weight Watchers SmartPoints : The Only Weight Watchers Post You Need

One of the hardest things about any plan, including Weight Watchers Smart Points is starting something new. It can be hard to make that first step. If you are here, chances are you’ve already done that hard work! Another issue that some people have with the Smart Points program and Weight Watchers in general is that it can get kind of pricey. We can help with that, don’t get discouraged before you even being. Over the years I’ve figured out How to do Weight Watchers for FREE!

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For some recipe inspiration, we have

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Side Salad (0 SP)
Apple Slices (0 SP)
Creamy Ranch Sauce (4 SP)
Premium Bacon Ranch Salad  w/o chicken (5 SP) or with Grilled Chicken (6 SP)
Premium Southwest Salad w/o chicken (5 SP) or with Grilled Chicken (8 SP)
Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap (7 SP)
Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap (8 SP)
Hamburger (8 SP)
6 piece chicken nuggets (8 SP)
Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich (9 SP)
Cheeseburger (10 SP)

Consider trying one of these two McDonald’s smart point lunch ideas instead:
1. Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken and 1/2 packet of creamy ranch sauce (8 WW SP)
2. Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wrap, apple slices and side salad with 1/2 packet of creamy ranch sauce (9 WW SP)

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McDonald’s Menu with Weight Watchers SmartPoints

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