If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Again


Insects are members of the group of arthropods, and can be of various species.

There are around 200 million of insects. Their body and specialized extremities split into parts, covered with exoskeleton which can be developed into a shell. They often have wings or antennas. Usually small in size, except for the beetles, which are larger, insects feed on plants, meat or carrion.

They play an essential role in nature, as they feed other species, and prevent them from turning into big plagues. Namely, they eliminate and decompose great percentage of the organic matter, so they are excellent pollinizers of plants which are economically and economically vital.

Yet, there is no doubt that often their occurrence in the home is quite unpleasant. As soon as one sees an insect, he panics, or screams, as none of us wants them near us or our family.


Fortunately, nature has also provided natural insect repellents, which do not contain harmful chemicals, nor affect our health, unlike commercial products. The insect repellent we are going to reveal today will also provide great smell in your home.

Its main ingredient is fresh mint, an aromatic grass of big diffusion, which leaves a refreshing odor. Despite its use in gastronomy, it also has significant medicinal properties.

Its use is very simple, as you need to put it in a spray bottle, and spray it around the house, on doors, corners, window rims, and everywhere where you have spotted insects or mice. This will keep them far away, and you will finally enjoy your fresh-smelling home!



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