How New Weight Watchers Freestyle Plan Works


The SmartPoints® system has been incredibly successful in helping members to eat better while losing weight, but we are always looking to make the program even simpler and more livable for you.

The  newest program takes the SmartPoints system our members know and love and bumps up the benefits even more!

So how does it work?

They’ve kept our proven SmartPoints system

As always, the core of the program is based on the latest nutritional science. Every food and drink is still on the menu. No foods have gone up in value, and many have gone down to zero!

NEW zero Points® foods


Now, over 200 foods have a SmartPoints value of 0, including some surprises like chicken, fish, eggs, corn, beans, and more! The best part? Foods on the zero Points list don’t need to be tracked or measured, so you can spend less time counting and more time enjoying your food and your life!

Introducing rollovers

When it comes to eating, for most people Mondays are usually pretty different from Saturdays. Rollovers give you flexibility to use fewer SmartPoints values one day and have up to 4 extras rolled over into your bank of weeklies for the days when you need them the most.


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