Skin tags, age spots, moles, and clogged pores are the most common skin issues that affect both sexes. They are usually a result of unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, hormonal imbalances, etc.

There are numerous products on the market which promise to treat these issues, but they often contain harsh chemicals which irritate the skin and cause other adverse effects. Therefore, we advise you to always choose natural, non-toxic solutions for good skin care. These are the most effective ones you can use:

Dark Spots Dark spots, or age spots, are discolored skin patches on the hands, face, and forearms, and affect middle-aged or elder people. They might also be caused by sun exposure.

Here are some natural ways to eliminate them:

– Onion Apply some onion juice on the dark spot and leave it to act for 15 minutes. Rinse and repeat daily.

– Horseradish Mix some vinegar and horseradish, and apply the mixture on the dark spot. Repeat daily.

– Lemon Soak a cotton ball in some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and rub it on the area twice a day.

– Aloe Vera Apply some fresh aloe Vera gel on the dark spot and leave it to act for half an hour.

– Vitamin C Serum Organic, non-toxic, vitamin C serums contain topically active vitamin C, so they effectively remove dark spots and repair damaged skin.

Skin Tags Skin tags are skin growths which appear on the entire body, especially on the neck, upper chest, eyelids, and armpits. They are caused by the rubbing of skin against skin or clothes, and they cause skin irritations, or skin infections if accidentally scratched.

Here are some natural ways to eliminate them:


– Apple Cider Vinegar Soak a cotton ball in some vinegar, and pat the skin tag. Leave the cotton ball to act for a while. The skin tag will eventually darken and fall off in several days.

– Tea Tree Oil Add a few drops of tea tree oil in some water, and soak a cotton ball in it. Then, pat it on the skin and use a bandage to secure it. Repeat daily for a month. This is the safest method for removing the skin tags around the eyes.

– Castor Oil and Baking Soda Mix them to create a paste, and apply it on the area of the skin tag. Secure it with a bandage, and repeat twice or three times daily. The paste can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Warts Warts are caused by HPV or human papilloma virus and are conventionally treated with freezing or salicylic acid.

Here are some natural ways to eliminate them:

– Apple Cider Vinegar Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it on the wart, securing it with a bandage. Leave it until the next morning, and replace it with a new one. Finally, it will dry up and fall off.

– Garlic You can remove warts with garlic juice or crushed garlic in 15 days. Simply rub some crushed garlic on the wart and secure it with a Band-Aid. Leave it to act until the next morning. Repeat every night. You can also apply garlic juice on the wart on a daily basis.

Raw, Organic Honey Rub some honey on the wart and secure it with a bandage to act during the night. – Banana Rub the wart with the inner part of the banana peel every night before going to sleep for 15 days. Moles Moles are usually a result of sun exposure and genetics and affect people of all ages.

Here are some natural ways to eliminate them:


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