He Walks Past The Gate and Says Hello. The Little One Has The Most Hysterical Response Ever.



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You just never know who or what you’ll end up coming across when you step outside your front door and that goes double for when you take a walk around the neighborhood. Depending on where you live there might be all sorts of interesting things you could possibly see and colorful people to run into. However, the most entertainment and best surprises of all tend to come from our animal friends!

Whether they know it or not, animals have a natural sort of hold on us. They can easily capture our attention, charm, and repulse us all in a matter of seconds. Wild, tame, domestic, friendly, or skittish, it doesn’t matter, people are simply drawn to critters and adore them.


For the two adorable dogs in this video, it was their friendly and inquisitive demeanor that caught the eye of a group of people passing by. The neighborly doggies greeted the strangers by staring up at them with wide gentle eyes and tails wagging. The natural response of any dog lover would be to greet the dogs and say hi to them, which is what the people did.

Actually, what one of the men in the group said exactly was “Hello” and the response he received in kind from the little dog was surprising as heck! It was the smaller of the two dogs, the one who looks most like a French Bulldog, who replied to the man and said “Hello” right back at him! The dog said it in such a comical, human-like way that makes it impossible to not laugh out loud at his silliness. His speaking voice is a mix between someone talking and barking and it’s awesome to hear.

While it is not clear how this dog learned to speak or if someone taught him, he definitely has talent nonetheless. Check him out, listen closely, and prepare for a good laugh!

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