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Portion sizes at home

The more familiar you are with correct portion sizes at home, the easier it is to estimate when you’re out.

1. Set up your cooking area so that measuring tools are easily available. Place measuring cups in the cutlery drawer and leave your scales on the bench as a reminder to check and weigh portions.

2. Whether you’re using a tablespoon or cup, it should be levelled off. And the best measuring spoons and cups are ones that can be squared off for easy levelling.

3. Note what the actual serve size looks like on your plate. This will help you get used to what correct serving sizes look like (for example, a 50g piece of chicken next to half a cup of cooked rice).

4. Use a smaller plate instead of a larger dinner plate so it may feel like you’re having more food.


5. Shop for single-serving portions of snacks, like mini-bags of pretzels or cereal bars. When this is what you have on hand, you won’t mindlessly eat more than you intended to.

6. If you do buy bulk-size packages of food, portion out correct serving sizes. Plastic bags are a great way to divide bulk foods into single servings.

7. When cooking from recipes, be mindful of serving sizes and how many servings a recipe actually makes.

8. When eating packaged foods or drinks, be aware that ‘one serve’ isn’t necessarily the whole package. A single package can contain two or more servings, so always check the nutrition label to gauge the serving size.

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