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Frozen Peanut Butter Cups (Weight Watchers)


Easy, delicious and healthy Weight Watchers Frozen Peanut butter cups 1 point recipe

These peanut butter cups are to die for!! They are easy to make, super low in points and DELICIOUS!!!


I’ve had frozen peanut butter cups made with Cool Whip and regular peanut butter.


Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great! But I wanted to lighten it up a bit.

What I did to lighten them up was used fat free Cool Whip and PB2 instead of peanut butter. I couldn’t even tell a difference.

I was scraping the bowl because I didn’t want to waste any. I also used sugar free chocolate syrup because it is 0 points.

I used more water than what the PB2 calls for, that’s because I wanted it a little more creamy. It made it easier to fold the Cool Whip in.

This recipe is really easy to make, and it’s a fun one to have the kids help you with. My youngest daughter loves these!

Although she likes helping me make them, she definitely enjoys eating them more.

The first time she helped me with this recipe she had no idea what the PB2 was. I can’t blame her, I think I had the same reaction at first.

I honestly don’t think you can tell that it’s not peanut butter in this recipe.


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