Aldi’s Weight Watchers Shopping List


Here is affordable clean-eating, 21 day fix weekly menu with shopping lists for two people. This is 1,200 – 1,499 calorie plan. You can increase servings if your plan requires more calories. Use your containers as your guide for serving sizes.


I kind of feel like I’ve been on a mission lately to prove to healthy eating can be completely affordable. When I started Beach Body, I was a little concerned about the price of Shakeology as well as the cost of certain “healthy” foods.

Yes it’s true that Shakeology can cost a pretty penny.  PB powder (which tastes awesome in shakes) and other items also cost a bit more.  However you have to compare that with the cost of the habits you are giving up.

For example, I used to drink up to 10 bottles of Gatorade a week!  That’s minimally $40 a month! Now that I drink iced herbal tea, the cost is more like $12 a month for tea bags.

You also have to consider that there are several other ways that you can save on grocery bills as a whole, thus freeing up more of your budget for specific healthy grocery items that you enjoy. Here are some great resources:



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