A Famous Cardiologist Recommends This Diet With That Will Help You Lose 10 Kilos In One Week!

 In this article we’re going to show you a Diet Plan which will help you lose up to 10 kg in just 1 week – and it’s very simple! You just have to take a look at the article below and find out more about this amazing diet plan! Many people, especially women, have tried this diet plan and they’re amazed by the results!

Obesity is one of the most significant public health problems facing the United States. Excess weight is associated with increased risk for many diseases including diabetes, certain types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for weight loss, and many overweight people struggle for years to lose the extra weight. Losing weight is virtually impossible without cutting back on calories, but calorie restriction should not be so severe that you are hungry all of the time or that you are unable to attain sufficient amounts of essential nutrients. A healthy weight-loss diet should include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans. To help reduce caloric intake, cut back on sweetened beverages, and high-fat, high-calorie desserts and snack foods.


This amazing diet plan is recommended by one of the best cardiologists in the region. A cardiologist is a doctor with special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This is a 15-day diet plan, but you should have the same breakfast for the whole diet regimen. You should have just one fruit for breakfast: orange, peach, pear, watermelon, melon.

Note: Don’t consume bananas or grapes for breakfast.



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