5 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Vertigo


What is vertigo? Do you have it? Well, if you experienced weird, unexplained change in your eyesight and ringing in your ears. In the same time you couldn`t manage your balance and on the other hand everything whirls and spins.

That might be vertigo. Vertigo is a symptom that comes from different types of balance disorders. The cause is the changes that are abnormal in your inner ears.

You or someone you know for sure had this experience. However, bear in mind that vertigo is not a medical condition or disorder. Vertigo is actually a group of symptoms that are caused by other disorders.

According to research almost forty percent of people that are over the age of forty at least once experience this group of symptoms.

If the symptoms mentioned above are familiar, don’t worry there is a way.  In order to treat vertigo, you must repair the inner ear.  To repair the inner ear, you must find out the cause of the damage. And by changing your lifestyle, you can at least prevent to happen again.


What Is Vertigo?

First, let make sure what is actually vertigo. Different disorders lead to dysfunction of the balance. The balance is the body`s ability to maintain the center of mass along with its base of support.


Multiple systems help us with our balance, in our surrounding to identify orientation and to keep us upright in a time of movement.

Systems that help with our balance are a vestibular system ( to move and not fall), a sensorimotor control system ( control senses- hearing and sight),  and the system responsible for touch – the proprioception system.

The inner ears do not only help with our sight but are significant part of the vestibular system ( helps us with identification with space)

When parts of the ears do not send info about your position to the brain that is what we call vertigo. Many reasons actually lead for this to happen. Reasons that lead to vertigo are aging, ear infections, inflammation, a blow to the head and injuries. But don’t worry there always is a way.

Here you find 6 Ways to Get Rid of Vertigo:



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