3-Ingredient Ice Melt You Can Make at Home


If that ice that’s spread across your front steps and walkway won’t budge, even when picked to death by a shovel, then you’re going to need some ice melt. And rather than buying the pricey stuff from the store that has harmful chemical in it, just make your own with 3 ingredients you surely have on hand.


This mixture is so easy to make, and it works just as well as your store bought ice melt would! Even better, it’s safe if you have pets or are concerned about the wildlife in your yard; ingesting those chemicals in traditional ice melt is, as you can imagine, very dangerous for animals.

Not only that, but you’ll save a huge amount of money making your own ice melt! During this slippery time of year, prices tend to get jacked up. Despite this, ice melt is going to fly off the shelves no matter where you look.

To make sure you have your own and you’re saving a little money, this DIY option is definitely the best option! You can whip up this concoction in just a few minutes using basic household products. WYFF News 4 shows us how it’s done.

What do you think of this DIY ice melt? Do you melt driveway ice in a different way? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Homemade Ice Melt Recipe


  • 1/2 gallon of warm water
  • 6 drops of dish soap
  • 2 oz. rubbing alcohol




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