This Winter, If You Notice A Sock On A Car Dashboard, Here’s What It Means


When it gets cold out, you can’t just get into your car and take off down the road. Most of the time, you have to warm up your car with the defrost on blast just to be able to see out your windows. This can take up a significant amount of time. However, this can be avoided with a simple and easy trick.

To get started, you will need a sock that doesn’t have any holes along with some cat litter. Try to get unscented cat litter so your car doesn’t smell like cat litter! Fill up the sock with litter and tape it shut. This is why tube socks are ideal. You could tie it shut if the sock is long enough.


Once you finish with this, just put it on your dashboard when you park. You could also put one in the back window as well to prevent your back window from frosting up.



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