This Homemade Kimchi Will Help You Fight Diabetes and Burn Fat in a Healthy Way


What is Kimchi you might ask? Well, it is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and various spices, plus salt and vinegar. It has recently gained more popularity and you can easily find it in most healthy food stores nearly everywhere.

But like with most healthy alternatives, it is even better to make your own kimchi at home.

So, here you’ll learn the incredible benefits of kimchi as well as the recipe to prepare it at home.

Oh, So Many Health Benefits!

In order to better explain Kimchi, it is the process of fermentation which cultivates this natural source of probiotics. That’s how healthy bacteria is born, which also improves the taste.

The bacteria in question, Lactobacillus, plays a crucial part in a healthy digestive system and intestines.

Many already recognize cabbage as a soother for inflammation, as well as its detoxification abilities.

But by fermenting it, we make it even healthier by complementing it with even more nutrients and making it bioavailable. In this way, it can also aid in preventing ulcers, obesity, diabetes and even some types of cancer!


Kimchi is a must-have in the Korean cuisine, and the whole world should take a page from their book in this matter. So here is a whole bunch of information on the health benefits of this particular fermented food.

Once you read through them and get informed, you might also want to try the following recipe in the comfort of your home.

Your Gut Will Be Thanking You

You may know cabbage as the gut’s benefactor, but consuming it in its fermented form can help digestion even further! It is no secret that healthy probiotics encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in one’s stomach. You’d also be wise to eat more for the sake of your immune system.

A Container of Potent Antioxidants

It’s true. This marvelous power food contains quite a powerful array of antioxidants which attack those pesky cancer-causing free radicals. Such antioxidants are also quite helpful in boosting the immune system and fighting all kinds of inflammation.

This, in turn, helps us deal with arthritis, eczema and similar conditions which are caused by an autoimmune response or inflammation.

Did We Already Mention It Boosts the Immune System?



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