This 30-Day Upper Body Challenge Will Transform Arms Shoulders


You know what’s more annoying than having belly and back fat? Having flabby arms!. This article will give you workouts to do at home to get rid of them. You can use weights or no equipment at all. Not only flabby arms feel weird but they also don’t look nice especially when they finally sag and make us look like we have bat wings! Yikes! It’s also hard to accept that some friends and family would not only tease you for those arms but also play with it too! They really like the jiggling but we definitely don’t! The only way to get the flab out is to get serious with our diet and exercise routine. As with everything, most fat loss routines start with a good diet but how about when it comes to making the muscles firm? We have exercise to answer that and we’ve compiled the  best exercises to finally get rid of those pesky flabby arms.

These exercises mainly target the core but it gets your arms tense specially because they’re in a static position. This effectively tenses the arms and effectively works it to burn the fat.


All you need to complete the challenge is a pair of dumbbells; Millis suggests starting with five-pounders, though you can increase the weight or use different weights for different exercises, so you feel appropriately challenged. It’s clutch not to race through these moves; instead take your time to feel your muscles work — both on the exertion (the pushing or pulling action) and on the release. On days when you’re doing more than one set (noted by “x2” or “x3”), take a one-minute break before starting the next one. And on days that have more than one exercise, do them back-to-back with minimal rest, only taking that one-minute break between sets if there are more than one. The schedule also includes all-important rest days, which is the downtime your muscles need to repair from the work you’ve done, so they can become stronger than ever.


Many people perform this exercise with weight, but surprisingly it works great without using any weights. Make sure to focus on flexing on the muscles in your arms and back while pull your elbows back.

How to do it :


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