These Vodka Ice Pops From “Slim Chillers” Are Poised To Be The “It” Treat Of The Summer


Let’s cut to the chase. We all know what could improve the standard grocery store popsicle: alcohol. Slim Chillers answered our prayers with their ice pops that contain vodka. They’re calling them Skinny Freezers, and according to the website, they’re made with “premium 8-times distilled, charcoal filtered Vodka.” The only word I care about here is “vodka.”

Skinny Freezers come in a variety of Martini flavors, including cosmopolitan, watermelon lemonade, appletini, and lemon drop. I’ve had good nights with lemon drops. (I’m pretty sure.) Either way, my summer cocktail game is going to be so on fleek, whatever that means.

Skinny Freezers get bonus points for convenience, too. The easy-carry pouches mean you can take them to the pool, the beach, the park, and anywhere else they definitely don’t allow alcohol.

Yeah yeah yeah, they taste good, they’re refreshing, they’re fruity, they fit in your clutch, they’re perfect for summer. The question on everyone’s mind is just howalcoholic are these alcoholic pops? As YouTuber supertasterdaily notes, each freezie pop contains eight percent alcohol, which is roughly the equivalent of half a shot of alcohol per pop. Consider yourself warned for future imbibing — personally, four freezie pops and I’ll be reenacting all the dance numbers from Grease.

Over the last several years, alcoholic popsicles have sort of become a thing, understandably. Eating your booze is arguably more fun than drinking it, and for those of us with sensitive taste buds, the fruit flavors of popsicles mask the sharp taste of the alcohol. If vodka’s on the right track but martinis aren’t quite your jam, fret not. You have plenty of options. If you want something a little more savory, try bloody mary popsicles instead. They’re salty. They’re spicy. They’re made with tomato juice, which means they’re healthy.


Or, you might try something like sparkling sangria popsicles, sparkling red berry champagne ice pops, or even blueberry mojito popsicles! The “poptail” recipesgo on and on, with vodka gummy bear popsicles, peach sangria popsicles, and creamy margarita popsicles. Take your pick, or choose them all. Just make sure to space them out over a few different Instagram parties I mean pool parties.

It’s not just boozy popsicles the internet is obsessed with. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy our favorite adult beverages. For instance, it was last summer we learned you could start drinking rosé from a 40 — and for roughly the same price of a 25.4 ounce bottle, meaning you could spend less to buy more, which is almost always a good thing.


Not to be outdone, Fiddlestix — a restaurant in Las Vegas — came up with a gallon-sized, alcohol-infused milkshake, because what’s the point of mashups if you can’t share them with the whole squad? Or are you more of a coffee drinker? There are alcoholic drinks for that, too.

Sometimes, we prefer our alcohol in candy form, because adding more sugar on top of alcohol typically ends well. Iconic Sugarfina went viral first for their rosé-flavored gummy bears, and later their tequila-infused gummy bears, plus their Corona light-flavored candies. (Psst! If you’re on a budget and want to DIY, here are directions for making your own alcoholic gummy bears.)

You can even get holiday-themed with Thanksgiving recipes made with alcohol, like bacon beer cornbread and slow cooker bourbon apple butter. How did you think you were going to survive a full day of your Aunt Edna without getting a little creative?

Just remember as you explore the world of hybrid alcohols that the real fun is in enjoying your drinks (and eats) responsibly! Over and out.


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