The Ultimate Weight Watchers Grocery List – 70 Foods


I’ve decided to share my ultimate weight watchers shopping list with all of you in the hopes that you’ll find it helpful when you are at the store and can’t remember which diet friendly items to get. This list is comprised of my primary staple food items that I frequently cook with or use as ingredients in various weight watchers recipes. It also has great low calorie snacks and condiments that I have found to be key in helping keep me on track with maintaining my daily points value intake. Though this is not an official Weight Watchers grocery list, I’m sure their members, as well as any other dieter will enjoy having this helpful list on hand when at the market.


Baking Goods:
• reduced-calorie pancake (like Fiber One Pancake Mix)
• low calorie brownie mix (like No Pudge Brownie Mix)
• sugar and/or sugar substitutes

Bread Items:
• light whole-wheat or whole-grain breads (like Weight Watchers Bread or Sara Lee Delightful)
• reduced-calorie hamburger and hot dog buns (Nature’s Own makes some great versions of these!)
• high fiber tortillas (like La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious)
• high fiber pitas (like Western Bagel Alternative Pita Bread)


Canned and Jarred Goods:
• fat-free broth
• reduced-fat tomato-based soups
• canned tuna or salmon packed in water
• low Points soup (like Progresso Weight Watchers Soups)
• tomato paste
• diced tomatoes
• pureed pumpkin for baking
• marinara sauce
• beans & lentils

• high-fiber ones (like Fiber One, Cheerios, and Kashi)
• instant oatmeal

Condiments and Dressings:
• salsa
• reduced-sodium soy sauce
• reduced-calorie pancake syrup
• olive-oil or butter flavored cooking spray
• low calorie peanut butter (like Better n’ Peanut Butter)
• reduced sugar jam (like Smucker’s Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread)
• mustard
• ketchup
• low fat or fat free mayonnaise
• Better n’ Peanut Butter
• tobasco or hot sauce (like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce)
• vinegar
• pickles
• light butter spray
• light butter spread
• light salad dressings
• reduced fat sour cream
• jar of minced garlic or fresh head of garlic
• fresh lemons and limes
• fat free whipped topping

Diet Beverages:


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