The Truth About Cancer And Essential Oils What No Oncologist Will Tell You


The scientists today acknowledge the potent substances that are included in some essential oils that are able to disable cancer development, and force the cancerous cells to diminish by themselves. There is no doubt that these substances are very effective in the prevention of diseases, especially cancers.

Usually, healthy organism has a frequency from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease occurs at 58 Hz. A study in which frequency of essential oils was measured it was concluded that: A cup of coffee reduced person’s frequency from 66 MHz to 58 MHz within 3 seconds. Three days were required for this frequency to normalize again.

Other studies proved that: Negative thinking reduces our frequency by 12 MHz averagely. Optimistic thinking increases our frequency by 10 MHz averagely. So, be positive!

By doing research on some of the mostly used essential oils in like ginger, mint, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, thyme, rose and cinnamon, the scientists found out that these essential oils are capable to fight cancer. They have proven this by testing antibacterial efficiency as well as in vitro toxicology against human cancer cell lines.

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University has made a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) that is able to measure the frequencies of essential oils and their impact on human frequencies when used in our organism. CFM is used in Essential Oils laboratory, while another one is used at Johns Hopkins University for analyzing frequency in connection to ailment.

“Cancer occurs when the DNA code in the cells’ nucleus is damaged,” explains immunologist Mahmoud Suhail. It looks like some essential oils have the ability to re-set. It teaches the cell what the proper DNA should be.

Must Be Therapeutic Grade

You can buy many types of essential oils, anyway most of them aren’t quality, synthetically produced and diluted with alcohol and other additives. In order to achieve the desired effect, the essential oil must be 100% pure therapeutic grade quality. If you aren’t using this type of essential oil, you will not gain the health benefits and you will have to change the combination weekly with the proper proportions of each of the oils.

Robert O. Becker, M.D, author of the book “The Body Electric” claims that our organism has its own electrical frequency and it determines many aspects of our health. Nikola Tesla was saying that if we manage to remove particular outer frequencies that are causing problems in our organism, we would be more immune toward ailment. Dr. Otto Warburg was a two time Nobel Laureate and won the Nobel Prize for cancer research for discovering the electrical voltage in human cells.

There is no doubt, frequencies can keep you safe from any disease development and other frequencies are capable of killing diseases. Substances with higher frequencies are able to kill diseases with lower frequency.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have frequencies from 52 to 320MHz! Here are the frequencies of some of them: Rose 320 MHz, Helichrysum 181 MHz, Frankincense 147 MHz, German Chamomile 105 MHz, Juniper 98 MHz, Ravensara 134 MHz, lavender 118 MHz, Myrrh 105 MHz, Sandalwood 96 MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz, Angelica 85 MHz.

Numerous Healing Abilities

Cinnamon, thyme, chamomile and jasmine oils are the most efficient in killing breast cancer cells. Chamomile destroys 93% of them in vitro. Thyme oil destroys 97%, which results with 97% killing rate of the MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

A study released in the journal Industrial Crops and Products revealed that chamomile oil has potent antioxidant characteristics. 11 essential oils were analyzed in this study including lavender, thyme, rosemary, winter savory, sage, peppermint, French tarragon, sweet and bitter fennel. It was discovered that Roman Chamomile has the highest antioxidant activity of them all.

Frankincense Oil- A Cancer Killer

“Frankincense is capable of separating the cancerous cell’s brain- the nucleus- from its body-the cytoplasm, which disables the nucleus from creating damaged DNA codes,” explains Suhail.


Frankincense oil effectiveness is thanks to the monoterpenes- components which are able to eliminate cancerous cells at their very beginning of development, as well in any other progression stage, which makes it perfect for the people who are diagnosed with any type of cancer.

Frankincense oil could make a revolution in the treatment of cancer. Today, chemotherapy is used by the doctors for attacking the environment around the tumor in order to destroy cancer. But we all know that during this process, the healthy cells are suffering too, which weakens the patient. The Frankincense oil treatment allow the patient to eliminate the cancerous cells, while the healthy ones are intact.

“Frankincense essential oil includes 17 active agents”, claims Dr. Suhail.

There are some touching stories told by persons who are fighting cancer and degenerative diseases and their experiences with essential oils have been told at the budwig center.

Terminal liver cancer

A woman from Long Beach explains how her husband has been diagnosed with liver cancer that expanded rapidly and the tumors were too big for surgical operation. He was told that he has only six months remained of his life. Then she found out about the power of 100% pure frankincense essential oil. Her husband used it topically on his liver and under the tongue, every day. Then, during their regular check up, the doctor informed them that the tumors are diminished and that surgical operation is possible. The doctors succeeded in removing the tumors by removing ¾ of his liver. Her husband still lives and he is in good shape.

Five year old with brain cancer

A five year old kid was diagnosed with brain cancer. Their parents treated it with one drop of frankincense oil, combined with one drop of sandalwood oil, applied at the bottom of his feet. They also applied lavender oil at his wrists. The kid won the fight against the cancer.

Bladder cancer

Jackie Hogan was diagnosed with an extremely rare bladder cancer. The doctors told her that bladder removal could be possible. Then someone explained to her the healing properties of frankincense oil, which University of Oklahoma scientists have discovered, particularly in combination with sandalwood oil, is capable of destroying cancer cells. It is so good for this purpose that the scientists say: “Frankincense essential oil may represent a candidate on a growing list of natural compounds selectively eradicating cancer cells.”

Lung Stage 4- metastasis to bones, spine, ribs, hips, pelvis

Bebe’s mom suffered from malignant lung tumors that have expanded around her body on her bones, spine, ribs, shoulders, hips and pelvis. Once she began with the use of essential oils, four months later she was told that her cancer cells are dying pretty fast. Then she started to do her daily activities including gardening and going on vacation with her family. Seven months later after getting diagnosed with cancer, she was completely healed. She advises: Frankincense oil should be taken freely every 2-3 hours, topically over the impacted surfaces and the bottom of the feet. It is even more effective if you are applying several drops under your tongue.

Bone Marrow Degeneration

Elten heard the bad news that she has bone marrow degeneration. “Only three months later my blood tests are greatly improved and most of the markers are normalized! I didn’t do 2 of the last 3 phlebotomies that I had to do every 2 weeks. I’m feeling and looking great! Use these oils and believe in you and them. They will cure you.”

Breast Cancer

Frankincense oil helped me to beat my breast tumor. When the doctors wanted to perform a surgery, the tumor was no longer here. I had a breast cancer in February and eliminated it with the help of essential oils. I’m applying frankincense and lemongrass on my breast every day together with herbal supplements. During my last check up the doctors confirmed that my condition is perfect and the tumor is gone for good. I was happy because I don’t have to go through chemotherapy and I will not suffer its negative side effects. The doctors couldn’t believe what happened with me, since I didn’t do any of their conventional treatments.


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