The NEW Weight Watchers Plan Changes: Explained


Your ultimate guide to myWW, the new Weight Watchers® plan! Find everything you need to know about the new green, purple, and blue plans as well as recipes, FAQ’s, tips, and more.

There’s a new Weight Watchers® plan and we can’t wait to share all the details with you!


As any Weight Watchers® member knows, every few years WW introduces a new program and this year is no different. The new program, which will be called myWW, will be launched on November 11, 2019 in the United States.

This article is not the official plan from Weight Watchers Inc and is not endorsed by Weight Watchers. This is simply a summary of everything that has been shared so far on the internet.

This program will be unlike any WW has offered before as it will have three different options for members. There will be Blue, Green, and Purple plan options that provide a range of options for members.

For anyone who has been with Weight Watchers® for a long time, this new WW plan, will actually look pretty familiar. WW is bringing back two plans from the past to add to the current Freestyle Smartpoints™ plan.

Here’s how it will work. For those who currently use the Freestyle Smartpoints™ plan, this will now be called the Blue Plan. Additionally, WW is bringing back the previously retired Simply Filling plan, which will become the Purple Plan. Lastly, the former Smartpoints™ Beyond the Scale plan is coming back as the Green Plan.

Members will have the option to follow any plan they choose or they can let WW help them choose the best plan for them based on a simple assessment.

One important note: The specific details of this program haven’t been released from WW yet, but we wanted to share everything we know so far since so many people have questions. All of the information below is based on what’s out there and comes from reliable sources. Once the official rollout happens, we will update this page to reflect all the new information so bookmark this page and check back often. We will be adding tons of information and recipes for each new plan!

What is the newest Weight Watchers® program?

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