Teacher Confused When Stranger Taps Her On Shoulder. When He Hands Her $500 She Breaks Down Sobbing


Kimber was on a flight to visit her family when she started talking to the man in the seat next to her. She told him she was a teacher and he started asking her all kinds of questions about her job. All of a sudden, the man sitting behind Kimber tapped her on the shoulder and handed her a big wad of cash. At first she was confused about why he was doing that, but his next words made her break down in tears ??❤️

When Kimber Bermudez got on her Southwest flight to Florida, all she was thinking about was seeing her parents. She had no idea that by the time the plane landed, her life would be changed forever.

The Chicago teacher describes herself as a “talker,” so of course, she started up a conversation with her seatmate as they flew. He asked her what she did for a living and Kimber began telling him about her passion for teaching.

Pretty soon, the conversation turned more serious.

“When he asked me the greatest challenge that I face I was honest with him,” Kimber said. “I told him that working at a low income school can be heartbreaking. We talked about the world and how no child should ever do without. In 2018 kids should never be hungry or in need of anything.”

The man surprised Kimber by asking for her work contact information. He told her his company likes to donate supplies, time, and other items to schools like hers.

Kimber gratefully gave him her work email, but then something happened that left her completely stunned.

“The man behind me tapped my shoulder,” Kimber recalled. “I turned around and he apologized for listening in to my conversation, and he handed me a wad of cash. He told me to ‘do something amazing’ and sat back down.

“I was in complete awe that I had touched a stranger. I realized that there was $100 on top, and started to cry. I thanked him and told him how I would buy my students books and give back to the community. I didn’t count the money from that man, but I would later find out that he gave me $500.”


But the surprises weren’t over yet. When the plane landed, a man across the aisle from Kimber told her he had also been listening and wanted to help. He said he didn’t have much, but he gave her the $20 he had with him.

Then, the man in front of Kimber turned around and told her all he had was $10, but he wanted to give it to her as well.

Kimber was speechless.

“I started crying on the plane,” she said. “I told all four men that I would do something amazing for the kids.

“I was not telling my story to solicit money, and never intended to walk out of that flight with anything other than my carry on,” she continued. “I do however hope that posting this continues the chain reaction of people helping those in need, and especially the children in need. It doesn’t have to be a school in Chicago, and any bit helps!

“My heart is in complete shock and awe right now. When the world seems crazy there are always good people. I would do anything for my students, and want to thank these strangers.

“I don’t know the name of the man who gave me the $500 or the other generous strangers, but they deserve to be recognized. I am thankful for the good people in this world. No child should ever go without anything.”

Kimber said this whole experience has made her want to do even more for her kids and she plans to use her gift of speaking to help others in need.

“I want to pass this story around,” she said, “and thank those strangers and their amazing hearts!”

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