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Suffolk Person Get Rid Of 8st With Weight Watchers After Cancer Scare


Brian Alexander is celebrating after reaching his goal weight of 12st 2lbs a year after going to his first ever Weight Watchers meeting in Wenhaston.


The former heavy weight tipped the scales at 20st but a cancer scare made him re-evaluate his lifestyle options.

He get rid of four stone after swapping over to Weight Watcher recipes made by his wife Marion, and was after that spurred on to enroll in the slimming group himself.

He declared: “I had been overweight for many years and after a cancer scare I began to eat the same foods as Marion. As recipe cards and publications were delivered home, I started cooking a few of our meals.


“After I had shed four stone I made the decision to join Weight Watchers online and was motivated by Marion to head to a meeting. Therefore in May 2017, I attended my first meeting.”

Celebrating his impressive weight loss, Brian declared: “I have simply got to my aim weight of 12st 2lbs and have never felt so healthy, having shed over eight stone.”

Brian additionally workouts each day, either deciding on long walks outside or using his treadmill at home when the weather is bad.

Wife Marion is also celebrating, she has shed over three stone because they embarked on their a healthy lifestyle plan.

She declared: “I am in control of my life and my eating habits with the aid of Weight Watchers smart points and flex, I feel so energetic now. My coach Louise is amazing and has assisted me so much.”


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