Study Shows The More You Hang Out With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live


When was the last time you saw your mother? There are studies that say mothers live longer when they spend more time with their children. So, a study from 2012 says that you should hang out with your mom soon.

The study concluded that loneliness is a significant factor in the decline of quality of life in older adults, including risk of depression, cognitive impairment and health problems like coronary artery disease, and may even lead to an earlier death.

Specifically, the study looked at 1,600 adults with an average age of 71. Researchers found that 23 percent of participants who reported being lonely died within six years of the study, while only 14 percent of those who reported having companionship died during the same six year period.

The results, which were published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, remained consistent even after controlling for health and socioeconomic status.


Here Is How to Put Your Family First:

– Live in a family-friendly city and spend holidays away from home.

– Try to find a balance between your life and work. This means that you should be a great family member, have enough time to do well in your job, and have enough time to pursue your personal interests.

– Turn off the TV to have an actual conversation with your family or watch a good movie together.

– Cook and sit down for family dinners. Also, you should order take-out meals from time to time as it can be healthy and fun for your family.

Here Is Why You Should Spend More Time with Your Parents:



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