Study: Drinking Wine is More Important than Exercise to Living Past 90


It’s a priceless thing to be able to live a long and healthy life so that you could see your children as well as grandchildren develop. Still, there are many people who aren’t that lucky to experience this.

Wine Can Help You Live Longer?

There have been numerous medical breakthroughs over time. Many cures have been found to keep people healthy.

According to a particular study where old people over 90 have been researched, there have been found some pretty interesting discoveries. The experts have come to some amazing conclusion.

The study wanted to:

  • Examine rates of functional and cognitive decline in old people
  • Determine the factors connected to their longevity
  • Examine some clinical pathological correlations
  • Determine the modifiable risk factors for dementia as well as mortality
  • Research the epidemiology of dementia in the old patients

Researchers visited the chosen participants 2 times a year and conducted numerous neurological and neurophysiological tests.

Drink From The Bottle Or The Glass?



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