Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Assholes


Although strong women are the ones who deal with assholes better than most men and women on Earth, there isn’t a reason for them to do so, and they will be much happier if they don’t simply don’t bother.

While dating seems to be the best use of your time and energy, it can be the worst use of your time, draining you and leaving you worn out. No relationship is ideal, but when the number of those imperfections significantly increases, there isn’t a good excuse to carry on with the relationship. It simply doesn’t make sense, does it?

Even if your partner depends on you and their life will be negatively affected by your breakup, these facts certainly don’t outweigh the idea that happiness is being stolen from you by devoting your time and energy to your partner.

Most men possess certain qualities that make them appealing and desirable, such as good looks, fit body, intelligence, wit, or humor. But, if we take into consideration the fact that every human being has at least one such quality that makes them desirable, it is more than clear that this is not enough to begin or carry on a relationship. Furthermore, the negative features that accompany positive ones, like cheating or lying, actually resemble choices. They are traits, but behaviors which can be fixed.

A good to prevent being dragged into such relationships, or to avoid being dragged along with them, is to stay single and be happy with it. Alternatively, you can be open to happiness with someone else. While being single is associated with loneliness and negativity, staying in an unhealthy relationship can be even more lonesome.

Honestly, actions should be taken into consideration and judged more seriously than words, and if you are not being treated as you deserve, put an end to the relationship. This would benefit the both of you, as it gives you the time to move on and find happiness with another person.

As Buddha put it, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” We all have a limited amount of time and energy, and if we don’t spend it rationally and don’t love ourselves, no one else will give us the love we need.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to stay closed off to the chance of a relationship, but this shouldn’t be your priority either. Be open to guys, but date thinking that your time shouldn’t be wasted. Simply put, don’t waste your time on assholes. Strong women are fully aware of this and would rather be alone than spend time in an unhealthy relationship. This is what makes strong women that special and desirable. They are independent, wise, and know how to appreciate and genuinely love themselves. They know that sometimes it is better and more fun to be yourself and enjoy your freedom.



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A strong woman will say her goodbye differently as she is not just a woman. She won’t cry for a long time, she won’t blame on your previous mistakes, and she won’t force you to stay either. She is familiar with separation as she is stronger because of it.


She will let you leave as she knows exactly that people are temporary and most of the times, life goes on with or without the one she has loved. She will respect your decision to leave because she understands that you deserve to be happy and explore this whole world as long as you possibly can. A strong woman knows that she has to be survived alone and she will never rely on others just because her heart was broken.

A strong woman will always remember that attention and affection are the things that shouldn’t be asked from other people because love should be simple and easy.

She is the kind of woman who truly understands that the right people will always stay and if you decide to leave, she believes that she will meet countless new people along the way. She knows that every ending will always be followed by a new beginning and she is not afraid to start over. This kind of woman is tired of always being left behind and taken for granted, but she will never regret her decision to love you back then.

She is fearless and she knows that she will be brave enough to open her heart again, even though she has been hurt for million times. This kind of woman will always keep her hopes alive as she believes that there are some people out there who won’t leave her side whatever happens. Your absence will teach her about her own worth and she will eventually realize that she will always be herself, with or without you.

Thus, rather than saying goodbye and mourning her loss of you, she will raise up once again and she will try her best to go through one day at a time.

Your absence will be her fuel to pursue her unmet goals and dreams. She will not only survive, she will achieve her dreams. Despite the fact that she is broken beyond repair, she knows exactly that she will grow stronger than before as she always learns from pain and you gave her so many lessons.

Rather than saying goodbye and asking you to come back, a strong woman will learn how to forgive herself. She will learn to love herself more than before as she realizes that self-love is the key to make her survive. She will try her best not to blame herself upon your decision to leave. She will try to convince herself that she had done her best to make you stay, yet you’ve left her anyway.

One thing for sure; when a strong woman says goodbye, she will never turn back.

So, when you come to your senses and realize that you’ve made a wrong decision to leave her, it will be too late as she has already moved on. A strong woman will always keep moving forward as she will never live in her past. You are just a part of her past and she will keep it that way. She might give you a second chance, but she knows exactly that her trust towards you has been broken. Thus, she will forgive you, but she will never forget what you did.

When a strong woman says goodbye, that was the exact moment you will realize that she didn’t lose anything; you lost her instead.




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