Staying At Home With Kids Is HARDER Than Going To Work, Study Finds


Staying at home with a child is HARDER than going to work, hangovers get worse, quiet is not always a good sign – and nothing compares to the pain of standing on LEGO with bare feet, have emerged among a list of things you only learn once you become a parent, according to a new study.

Recently, a survey showed that many mothers believe that staying at home with their baby is much harder than going to a full-time job. This is especially true for new parents. In the nationwide survey, couples who became new parents were more likely to believe that staying at home was much harder than working.

Staying at Home Is Harder Than a Day Job

In the recent study, 31 percent of parents agreed that staying at home was harder than working. Another 55 percent of parents believed that having a baby was hard work. Another 20 percent of parents thought that it was really difficult. These answers were given despite the amount of support that new parents had.

A little under half of new mothers said that they would not have been able to manage caring for their baby without the advice of their own mother. Only a quarter of parents thought that having a baby was easy.

Baby Wipes Are Vital for New Parents

This new survey was given out by AVEENO Baby. In the survey, they discovered that less than half of parents (48 percent) ]thought that having a family was a perfect experience. Amusingly, 41 percent of parents thought that baby wipes were extremely important and not to be underestimated.

Despite NCT classes, Google and self-help books, the research revealed we STILL rely on our mums for advice over anyone else, with 45 per cent saying they could not have managed without the advice of their mum.

In addition to which, 55 per cent of British parents admit having a baby is “hard work” even with a strong network, and 20 per cent confessed they find it “really difficult”.

However, a fearless quarter of parents claim that having a baby is a “doddle”.

Overall, 71 per cent of those polled felt social media made parents more competitive, with 22 per cent saying they feel constant pressure to be the “perfect parent”.

In addition to which, the main concerns for new parents were development (which worried 27 per cent of people), feeding (22 per cent) and sleeping (9 per cent).

These findings are perhaps unsurprising to anyone who has been a parent. While becoming a parent is an exciting, rewarding experience, it is also exceptionally challenging. You have to worry about what you feed your baby and what to do if your baby becomes sick. Worse still, you have to worry if other new parents are judging you for your choices. It seems like every decision requires careful research and thought.


Love Makes It All Worthwhile

While having a baby is often harder than a full-time job, it is definitely a worthwhile experience. In the survey, 42 percent of respondents said that it was the first time they experienced unconditional love. When you love someone like that, all of the work suddenly seems worth the effort.

What do you think? Do you believe that raising children is harder than going to work? See what your friends think about this survey.




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