Son hides camera on carer as his mom is acting strange, images seen make his heart swell


When my grandmother was placed in a retirement home I wasn’t that old.

We all knew she didn’t have long to live as she was very unwell.

I used to call her in the early morning when neither my mother or father had awakened as I loved her so much.

She always answered, claiming she was not asleep.

I realized years later that most of the time I was actually waking her, but she still answered every time, just so she could speak to me.

It’s really important not to stop appreciating your elderly family members.

That’s why you should read this story, despite it being rather sad.

When my grandma moved into the retirement home there was something that was abundantly obvious, she didn’t like getting help with things she could do herself previously.

She was embarrassed that she was losing her independence and could not manage on her own.

The most difficult aspect of her condition was having to wear adult diapers.

There have been previous reports of abuses on the elderly, what you’re about to read is probably the worst case we’ve come across.

Camille’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and he thought he’d found great accommodation for her.

Loving and caring are how the home was described.

Camille began to suspect that something was off after a while– something about the place that just felt wrong.

Then, one day, he had enough as he discovered his mother Helen with a black eye so he installed a hidden camera.

Soon enough Camille discovered the unthinkable.

He continued to hope and feel it was unlikely that anything wrong was taking place despite having installed a camera.


Camille discovered after watching the recordings, that not just one, but several of the home’s staff were abusive toward his mother.

We see many things in the video below including how one staff member blows his nose with Helen’s bed sheets.

Two employees are also seen heavily making out in her room while clearly uncomfortable Helen watches on.

Other residents of the home take her possessions when they enter Helen’s room, none member of staff prevent this happening.

Helen gets a washcloth full of feces propped up in her face.

It leaves one sick to imagine that this is the case for other residents of this home.

Home director Alan Cavell, he acknowledged that they failed when Camille revealed the films to him.

He promised that kind of behavior will never be repeated again and he will greatly improve security at the home.

Camille decided that he no longer wanted his mother there, all the staff involved have been fired, though one of them was reinstated.

Following the incident, the manager was fired.

However, much to the disappointment of Camille, not one single staff member was prosecuted.

Helen was the wonderful mother of seven children passed away in September 2016.

During World War II she was a nurse before she had to flee the Nazis and emigrate to Canada.

Helen had a dignified end thanks to her vigilant son.

You can view the mistreatment in the video below.

Police have since arrested and charged many of the suspects on video and were quoted saying ” They have never seen anything like this ”



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