Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar For 10 Days


As human beings, we all have certain weaknesses when it comes to food, and for many of us, anything that contains sugar satisfies our cravings and gives us comfort when we need it most. If you go into any store nowadays and simply read the labels on packaged food, you’ll find it contains sugar in some form, and usually in ENORMOUS amounts. For example, a bottle of soda can contain more than 50G of sugar, which far surpasses the recommended amount of sugar for the average adult.

In today’s world where we can get a sugary concoction of man-made ingredients at any corner store or restaurant, staying away from this toxic additive in food can become quite the challenge. However, trying our best to at least cut back on sugar can prevent diseases such as diabetes, strokes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, obesity and more. In recent years, food companies have replaced added fats with sugars in an attempt to follow health trends, but research proves that sugar, not fats, have contributed far more to the decline of people’s health at large.


However, even if you’ve been consuming sugars all your life, you can easily reverse the harmful side effects by severely cutting back your sugar intake. Many diets take a while to show results, but cutting out added sugars can bring results in as little as 10 days. In a new study that included children, researchers saw dramatic improvements in the childrens’ health in just over a week.



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