Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language


How do you know if you are intelligent? Not by your SAT scores, it seems like!

The way you talk and live your life has much more to do with it. It turns out that swearing, staying up late, and being messy may all signs of your intelligence.

Intelligent People Swear Like Sailors

Yeap, it seems like that if you have a potty mouth, it may mean that you are super intelligent.

It doesn’t mean that intelligent people swear all the time. Their intelligence can help them to judge when it’s appropriate. If they choose to listen to it. However, once they start, there is no holding back. They can swear a LOT.

Forget about the common presumption that swearing is a sign of a lack of intelligence. It is not true. According to a study, it takes a lot of intelligence and a special ability to generate a lot of swear words. It is closely linked to high vocabulary and fluency.

Intelligent People Stay Up Late

They are night owls from a young age

Intelligent people stay up late. Most people with a higher IQ simply cannot go to bed early by design.

This often starts in childhood. Kids who tend to stay up late tend to turn out to be more intelligent later in life.

This is not surprising. Intelligent people have a lot going on in their head. Clearly, there is a lot to think about and you won’t run out of topics before 9 pm for sure.

Intelligent People Live In Organized Chaos

Okay…so they are messy by default. But what seems messy to some, may actually be an organized chaos to them.


You might’ve heard about the creative mess before. Creative people tend to have messy desks and tend to thrive in disorganized environments. They can not only see through the clutter but can actually generate more creative ideas. For them, a messy environment means a way to break free from conventional thinking and attitude. It allows them to create new concepts from just about anything.

Remember, you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. Creativity can show up in many areas of life and among many professions. Among teachers, engineers, stay at home moms, and just about anyone else, mess may mean creativity and intelligence.

It is important to emphasize that messy doesn’t mean dirty or lazy. One can have a disorganized clutter while being able to pick up a vacuum cleaner or wash their dishes timely.


Do you know someone who stays up late, swears like sailors and lives in a chaos? They may be one of the most intelligent people you know.

Are you one of these people who is a night owl, has a potty mouth, and loves their mess? Congratulations! Chances are you are intelligent and creative. Be proud of your brain and unique qualities.

Of course, if you talk like a lady, an early bird, or super organized, it doesn’t mean you are not intelligent. You are simply showing signs of your intelligence another way.

Do what works for you!


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