Police Department Shares One Crucial Tip for Women Who Are Holiday Shopping


The holidays are a busy time for many of us. As the big day draws closer, we can feel rushed and pressured to get everything done on the endless mental and physical lists we’ve created.

We’re struggling to buy last-minute gifts for that persnickety relative who has everything, wrap them, bake desserts and prepare food for gatherings and parties. And how about decorating your home with holiday cheer? There are indoor and outdoor lights to hang; the Christmas tree can take a day to set up and decorate. Do you send out Christmas cards? It seems like my list gets longer and longer each year.

So though these are special, wonderful times, they can also be days filled with stress. One police department has posted some helpful tips to aid women to ensure they don’t lose their purses, money and personal information while out and about this hectic holiday season.

Stores are busy and cramped. These situations provide thieves with the perfect opportunity to victimize unsuspecting shoppers. It’s no wonder petty theft increases during this time of year. We must be more vigilant and aware of our surroundings always, but most especially now.


The Windham, New Hampshire Police Department shared this valuable information on social media to help deter criminals in packed stores and crowded parking lots.

“A holiday shopping safety tip for women. When using a shopping cart as you browse through the store, keep your purse zipped or closed and secure it to the cart by clipping the child safety belt through the strap(s).

“This will help in preventing someone from taking advantage of your distraction and running off with the purse. For those carts that don’t have the child strap, keep an inexpensive carabiner clip attached to your purse strap. Simply clip the carabiner to the cart, and your purse is more secure.  HAPPY SHOPPING!”

What a smart tip. Right? Carabiner clips come in a variety of cute colors and designs. They can also be used to keep your goods protected. Another bonus of using them is you can color-coordinate them to match your accessories.

Want more safety tips? Figured you did.

If you’re traveling out of town for the holidays, don’t post on social media that your whole family isn’t at home. You’re giving criminals the perfect opening to break into your house.

Have a neighbor, friend or relative pick up your mail every few days. Most importantly, make sure you have an alarm system installed.

We’re sure these holiday safety tips will work their magic for you and your family. Have a safe and happy holiday!



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