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Plan I used to lose over 100 Pounds in 7 months


Kate Writer aka Dedikated_Lifestyle (Be sure to follow Kate!) has completely transformed her body and her life after losing over 50KGS in a year and achieving things she thought she never would be able to do.

After overhauling her diet and ditching fast and processed foods for healthy, fresh produce, Kate began seeing results immediately and used the feeling of working out, feeling healthier and losing weight as motivation to continue going and lose 40KGS in 7 months!

Kate now focuses on getting stronger and building muscle while remaining trim and has motivated thousands of people who have read her story and seen her transformation! Kate details out her daily diet and workout routine and shows you exactly how you can do it too!


Want to know what a day on WW Freestyle looks like? We’ll do you five better!

If you’re looking for some extra guidance around what to eat,  we’ve put together six days of quick, delicious meals to enjoy at 23 SmartPoints a day. (If your Budget is higher or lower, add or subtract foods to make it work for you.)

Don’t forget about rollovers! Rollovers give you flexibility to use fewer SmartPoints one day and have up to 4 extras rolled over into your bank of weeklies for a day when you need them. That could equal up to 24 extra SmartPoints values each week to spend on a night out!


So lets start our 6 Days of 23 SmartPoints Values :



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