No More Diabetes Meds – Make Them Yourself With Just 2 Items


Diabetes is a medical condition that influences the way your body uses sugar (glucose). Glucose is an essential fuel of your body and provides energy.

With type2 diabetes, your body either reject the work of insulin or the insulin is not enough to produce its effect.

More typical in grown-ups, type 2 diabetes progressively influences kids because of their hectic schedule and poor diet. There’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, yet you might have the capacity to deal with the condition by eating admirably, practicing and keeping up an ideal weight. If eating routine and exercise aren’t sufficient to deal with your glucose well, you additionally may require diabetes pharmaceuticals or insulin treatment.


This DIY cure is the most ideal path with 2 things that implies making your own particular cure in the kitchen for diabetes.

You require:

6 lemons

300 g parsley


Wash first parsley well and mesh it. Placed this in a pot, include the juice of lemons and cover the pot. Placed this in another pot of bubbling water. At the point when this is done, decrease warmth and stew on low warmth for 2 hours.

Remove pots from stove and don’t open them yet until cool. Put the blend in a jug and close it tight. Refrigerate.

Have 1 tbsp of this in the morning before you eat, 30 minutes’ earlier breakfast. This will keep going for 2 months and you will likewise observe change in the glucose.


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