Newborn baby the size of a bar of chocolate makes it home in time for Christmas


Premature babies are more common that we think. However, not many pregnant women expect to give birth to a premature baby during their pregnancy.

This story is about baby Sussie Bea who was born weighing 440 grams which is about 1lb 1oz.

Susie was born at just 22 weeks and 4 days into her mother’s pregnancy. That means she was nearly 5 months early!

Her mother Jodie was told that her daughter’s chances of survival were low, and if she does survive, she will face numerous health struggles, Jody told the Daily Mirror.

However, Jody and Susie’s father were not prepared to lose hope.

Jodie and her partner Lee fought for their baby. They were sure that she would make it and continued to keep their hopes up.

Lee said: “They said she wouldn’t be breathing for long and might not look like we expected. They said they would let us be together as a family.

She came out and gave a little whimper, so they started working on her.”


Doctors even thought that it wasn’t worth operating on Susie as she had little chances of survival. But baby Susie proved them wrong as she fought for her life for three months in the Ronald McDonald House at Arrowe Park hospital in Wirral, Merseyside.

Lee told the Sun “I will never be able to explain just how truly amazing all the staff was, it is beyond words.”

After spending five months in the neonatal until, the hope that they were long waiting for transpired in the doctor’s approval for Susie to go home for Christmas.

What a strong fighter! A big congratulations to the family that refused to give up. We are so happy for them. Share this with your friends and family.



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