Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65% (Listen)


In North America, anxiety is the leading mental health issue. Anxiety is a really difficult disorder, accompanied with panic attacks, fear, and excessive worry.

Statistics indicate that 30 percent of people at the age of 18-54 suffer from anxiety disorders. Half of the students fight with anxiety, and 41 percent of employees are anxious.

Anxious individuals are 3-5 times more prone to visit a doctor and 6 times more probably to be hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder than people who do not suffer from this disorder.

Nowadays, fast-pace modern lifestyles have brought about daily stress and people are in a constant rush for time, so they have become more susceptible to anxiety. Moreover, the society tends to judge every move me make, and we suffer from chronic self-esteem.

This resulted in over 65% of the Americans to take meds daily, and 43% take prescriptions to improve their mood. Additionally, counseling is the second basic way to treat anxiety.

Meditations, massage,  and yoga are other effective strategies to control the symptoms of this disorder.


Scientists have found that music therapy is extremely effective in reducing anxiety, and neuroscientists and sound therapists have found a song that relaxes the listeners more than any other songs, and reduces anxiety by 65 percent. This is the song Weightless, by the Marconi Union.

This song was found to lower blood pressure, decrease the heart rate, and lower stress.

Additionally, here are 6 natural ways to relieve anxiety:

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