Mother desperately seeks transplant as her infant daughter lies dying – help us send prayers and love


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Traditionally, Christmas has always been seen as a time for miracles.

So it is that one desperate mom has taken to social media in the hopes of finding one for her little girl, Aurora ‘Rori’ Shane.

The 1-year-old has spent much of her life in hospital since being born in July of last year, and suffers from a congenital heart defect that leaves her future extremely bleak.

Her only hope lies in a heart transplant, though finding one small enough to fit her tiny body has proven to be a huge obstacle …

The search for a new heart

A post on the Hope for Rori Facebook page explains: “Because of her size she has not received many offers. Blood type and weight are a key factor, a donor who weighs 20-50 pounds is needed and her blood type is A+.”

Mom Jennifer Shane knows that sharing on social media is something of a long shot, but she’s heard firsthand of stories wherein spreading awareness can result in success. Just earlier this month did we relay the story of Susie Rabaca, the cancer sick mom pregnant with twins who was able to find a bone-marrow donor after a plea for help on social media.


It’s Jennifer’s hope that, like in the case of Susie, the right person might see her request for help if the story goes viral.

Currently, the family is in Louisville, Kentucky, with Rori in the Norton Children’s Hospital.

Unfortunately, time really is of the essence. As of December 1, Rori has been on the transplant waiting list for 200 days. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover medical bills and expenses, but at this point the family are praying for a miracle.

All our thoughts and prayers go out to little Rori and her family.

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