Mom Asks For To-Go Box When Toddler Starts Screaming, Shocked When Waitress Says ‘No’


Single mom Courtney was trying to have a nice dinner at Olive Garden with her 18-month old daughter, Harlynn, when the toddler started to get fussy and began screaming. Not wanting to disturb the other guests, Courtney asked her waitress for a to-go box so she could finish her meal at home, but she was shocked when she heard the woman’s response…

It’s not unusual for parents not to be able to finish their meal at a restaurant because of their restless kids. When a situation like this occurs the parents are likely to pay for the food and leave the place not wanting other customers to be disturbed by their children’s behavior.

This is exactly what happened to Courtney Pedigo who was having a family meal at the Olive Garden when her 18-month-old daughter started making scenes and refused to sit in her chair. Having experienced this before, she called the waitress and asked if she could take her food in a to-go box and finish the meal in the car. But the answer she got left her stunned. The waitress actually said NO.

Courtney was puzzled and shocked but then the 22-year-old waitress Nianni Rudder said to her, “You’re going to go sit down and enjoy your dinner and I will be there to sit with her!”


And that’s exactly what she did. She brought Harlynn, Courtney’s daughter, a bowl of ice-cream and she started feeding the young girl while the mother took her time to actually enjoy the rest of the evening.
What Nianni did meant a lot to Courtney, and even though the waitress believed she didn’t do anything special it’s the small acts of kindness we do for someone that go a long way and give them faith in humanity.

Nianni told TODAY, “I just didn’t want her to leave. She came out to enjoy a meal with her family, and she should be able to do that. I didn’t think she had to leave or go sit in the car to eat the food because her baby was fussy. They’re little kids,” she added, “that’s just what they do.”

But Courtney appreciated the kindness so much that she decided to express her gratitude via Facebook post in which she thanked Nianni for what she did for her.

Nianni explains how she knows the struggle of having to deal with a tempered child because she has a 3-year-old niece and understands it can be difficult at times.

She also says that she was able to help because the managers of the restaurant believe that whoever enters their place is family and everyone should feel that way.

If you think we need more people like Nianni, please share this story as a thank you for her act.



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