Mix Olive Oil And Salt And Say Goodbye To Pain For The Next 5 Years


The majority of the general population that has medical problems tends to utilize recommended medications with a specific end goal to treat the disease. But it is very certain that these medications give just here and now relieve and may bring about recurrence of symptoms.

You will not feel the symptoms in the first place, but rather after some time they will end up causing serious illness and pain.

Because of these realities it is best to utilize distinctive cures that doesn’t create any serious side effects and meanwhile are more compelling than the majority of the regular meds.


For example, encountering neck osteochondrosis can be to a great degree agonizing and general medicines do not cure the disease properly. It s a better option to use natural medicines, as, they cure the illness more effectively.

Below is the method to cure the disease naturally:


  1. Ocean Salt – 10 tablespoons
  2. Olive oil (sunflower, grungy) – 20 tablespoons


You must blend both ingredients in a glass bowl and cover it. Leave it for 2 days in cool and dry place. After sometimes, use this solution for rubbing the excruciating zone on your body.


Do this at a young hour in the morning, directly after you wake up. Go steadily and rub for 2-3 minutes and then slowly increase the time.

Researchers and specialists guarantee that 20 minutes massage with this cure is the ideal time for best outcomes. After the back rub, wipe it off with wet towel. If you notice any kind of rash or irritation on your skin, apply infant powder.

The outcomes will astound you after just 10 days of utilization. Additionally the utilization of this cure will help you enhance course and fortify your bones and ligaments. Then again it can help you treat and take out headaches, and also obscured vision.

You can utilize this cure likewise to detoxify your body and boosting your digestion.

You can feel a bit tipsy and light headed after its use. But that is nothing to worry about. It just an ordinary side effect of the cure.



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