Man Spies Postal Worker Outside Of Truck At Neighbor’s Performing Act He Just Can’t Ignore


Michael saw the mail truck as he was driving down the street, but it wasn’t until he got closer that he realized what the worker was up to. Quickly Michael reached for his phone and snapped a photo – knowing others should really see it for themselves.

The flag is undoubtedly the most adored American symbol. Many believe the attachment to it resembles obsession, but the reality is that Americans truly appreciate everything the Old Glory stands for, and that’s freedom, democracy, the pursuit and fulfillment of dreams, our men and women in uniform. It is closely related to all the core values we as citizens of this country live by.Everyone, despite their social, racial, or political background is emotionally attached to the Stars and Stripes and they all wave it with dignity.

The way one postal worker paid respect to the flag is so touching that people from all over America share it and praise it.

Regardless of his busy schedule, Robert Franklin took the time to step out of his vehicle and show everyone a true act of patriotism.

Flickr/Carlos ZGZ

Robert, who is also a U.S Army veteran, was at the job in Rochester, New York, trying to meet his grueling schedule when he took a notice of a customer raising the American flag in his yard.

He didn’t think twice before he offered his help which the homeowner politely declined. However, Robert didn’t turn and go away, but stood right there saluting the flag until it was up.

Michael Lempert, a man from the neighborhood, witnessed the whole thing and believed that the postman’s act was so emotional that it was worth sharing. Along with the photo of Robert, Michael wrote:


“It wasn’t until I was at my driveway that I realized the USPS driver was not in the truck, but rather standing at attention next to it, saluting the flag my neighbor was raising. I stopped right there and grabbed my camera off the seat next to me, took off my hat, and captured the moment. I then waited until the flag was fully raised before I walked over to introduce myself, asked him for his permission to share this moment, and thanked him for his service. But again, many thanks to retired U.S. Army sergeant Robert Franklin, who is still serving his country, rain sleet or snow. He is the manifestation of true patriotism, and I am proud to have met him.”

Facebook/Michael Lempert

Facebook user John Haley commented on the post. He loved what Robert did.

“Take notes people. Incredible.”

Although Robert appreciates all the comments from the kind strangers, he believes what he did shouldn’t be considered anything special, because that’s what all Americans should do.

He told the news site Link:

“I hope it encourages other postal employees to participate and share flag etiquette. It’s a way to show as an arm of the federal government, we are the stewards of these customs and courtesies.”

If you believe this is how every citizen should treat our greatest symbol, the flag, share this lovely story with your friends.

We thank Robert for reminding us of the true values of our country.




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