Man Rescues Malnourished Husky Off Street – Never Dreamed Her Transformation Would Be This Beautiful


Bali might be a beautiful island, a place to vacation and relax. It’s also home to many stray dogs who are ignored and forgotten by many of its residents.

Rico Soegiarto loves all animals. He and his girlfriend have four dogs they’ve saved from the harsh, mean streets. While returning home from work one evening, Rico spotted a stray malnourished husky in terrible shape.

The streets of Denpasar weren’t the place for this dog. Rico needed to rescue this poor lady with the bald patches on her skin.

He didn’t hesitate to take the husky he named Hope home with him. She needed specific care. Despite her horrible condition, Hope’s brilliant blue eyes always shined. This reaffirmed to her rescuer that Hope deserved a second chance.

“I don’t know what was special about her,” Rico told Bored Panda. “It’s about heart and feeling. I found her when I was on the way back home from work; she was in the middle of the street.”


Rico had the patience to nurse Hope back to health. It took plenty of food, vet visits, and grooming. His care paid off. Hope now has a thick coat of fur; one that’s shiny and matches her beautiful eyes.

She also has a new forever home. She fits right in with Rico, his girlfriend, and their four other rescue dogs.


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