Lose Weight With This Delicious Fat-Burning Sweet Potato Muffins (100% gluten-free!)


Muffins are one of the best sweet treat ever invented, but there’s one problem – they’re full of calories and eating them often will definitely make you gain weight. However, there’s a healthy alternative for every recipe you can think of, including muffins. We’re going to show you how to prepare a healthy version of muffins which taste just as great, but have way less calories.

The main ingredient in these muffins are sweet potatoes – they will give the dessert a nice texture and flavor which we’re sure you’re going to love. Sweet potatoes are one of the oldest vegetables humans have cultivated. They are native to Central and South America, and date back 10 millennia ago! China cultivates 80 million tons of sweet potatoes every year, while the USA grows only a million tons. Africa produces 14 million tons of the vegetable, while this number is down to 2 million in South and Central America.

Besides tasting great, sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene which can fight free radicals in the body and reverse the damage done to our DNA, which can lead to mutations and cancer. Besides this antioxidant, the vegetable contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and C, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber which is great for our digestion.


Thanks to the rich nutritional profile, sweet potatoes offer a variety of health benefits. The vitamin B6 can reduce homocysteine in the body and reduce the risk of heart attack, while the vitamin C keeps our immune system healthy and strong. Vitamin C improves the healing of wounds as well, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the production of collagen which keeps our skin elastic and healthy.

The vitamin D content in sweet potatoes boosts the function of the thyroid and keeps our teeth, hair, nails and skin healthy. This vitamin also keeps our energy production stable and improves the absorption of calcium as well. Magnesium is important for our arteries, blood, bones and heart, while iron reduces stress and reinforces our immune system.

Here’s how to prepare the delicious sweet potato muffins:



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