Let’s pay tribute to Dr. Richard – canceled his vacation to stay with boys in cave for 3 days


It was the rare combination of experience and talent that allowed Richard Harris the rescue doctor to execute his talent deep into the Tham Luang cave.

A Request by the Thai Government

After being missing for over a week, the Wild Boars team was rather distressed inside the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. According to the government of Australia, Richard was asked to assist by the Thai government. The hero Australian doctor Richard Harris was more than happy to abandon his holiday in Thailand to volunteer to help the team of 15 boys.

3 in 1 Talents and Skills

It may have been a streak of luck and the power of fate as Richard did not only have internationally recognized expertise in cave rescues but was also an expert diver. A doctor, diver, and cave rescuer, it really couldn’t have been even more luckier.

As soon as Richard got to the boys, he was able to assess their health and then stayed with them for three days. His medical assessment ordered that the weakest boys were to leave the cave first. Unsurprisingly, the brave doctor was the last one to leave the cave after ensuring that everyone else had left safely.


A Time of Grief

Despite the joy and relief experienced by the Thai public following the Wild Boars team rescue, it has been sadly reported that Richard’s father died shortly after the rescue’s finish.

Andrew Pearce, the Clinical Service Director for MedSTAR said in a statement: “Harry is quiet and kind man who did not think twice about offering his support on this mission”. He also informed journalists to give Harry the space and time following his father’s death.

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