For an upcoming story, we’re cooking up some of our and your all-time favorite Cooking Light recipes to see if they hold up as is or need a little updating. As part of this process, we took an absolute fan favorite, our Lemonade Layer Cake from 2002, and dared to make it over! We like it much better, but we’d love to hear what you think.

Turn your kitchen into a mini Cooking Light Test Kitchen for a day! Make the original and the revamp (we’re giving you the recipe way in advance of the October issue where it will run), and let us know what you think. Which do you prefer, the original version or the new one? We’d love to hear from you

Lisa and I have had our fair share of lemonade stand-offs. We set up shop 15 paces apart to see who’s the superior street salesperson. Her stand always has a lineup down the block. Could be because I sell for a buck-a-cup while she gives it away. Or it might be that while I pour warm lemonade from a carton, hers is icy cold and hand-squeezed. Fine. Lisa understands lemonade and has proven it with this zingy cake, moist layers infused with all things lemon and topped with a lemon-cream-cheese frosting. Hope Lisa can keep up with the demand because I’m going to be charging at least $10 a slice for her masterful lemonade layer cake.


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