Josh Turner’s Duet With Nonverbal Autistic Boy Forces Tears To Run Down Everyone’s Face


This young man’s autism is so severe he doesn’t speak – unless he hears a Josh Turner song. Josh graciously brought him onstage, but I don’t think anyone was expecting the show he put on for them.

When feeling down, most people find comfort in the healing power of music. Not only it is part of us when we feel content, but it can also be a great companion when feeling blue. It unites and provides contentment during calamity and as the saying goes “music hath charms to soothe the savage beast” which means it can soften even the roughest of people. This proves to be right during the life performance of the down-home country singer Josh Turner. When he heard about the special guest in the audience, he decided to do for him something he would never forget. Thankfully, the incredible act was caught on tape so that great number of people could enjoy it.

Logan Blade is a sweet boy with severe autism which makes communication nearly impossible for him. It’s more debilitating and more challenging type of the condition because these people may face multiple issues as anyone else on the spectrum, but they are affected to a much greater degree. When this boy heard about Turner’s concert he dropped everything.  Regardless of his communication issues, singing changes everything for the better. When he sings, he becomes comfortable with himself no matter the size of the crowd.


When the singer learned that Logan’s favorite song is ‘The Long Black Train’ (one of his own) he leaned into the microphone with a smile on his face and asked Logan to sing it onstage with him. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the boy. A priceless moment he would cherish forever. Singing alongside his idol made every problem disappear, at least for a while. If you want to witness this heartwarming occasion take a look at the performance below and make sure to share it with your loved ones.


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