If You See These Marks On Your Child, You Need to Make Sure to Notify Their Teachers

Left to their own devices, kids will get into many things that they have no business getting into. Not all the time, and not all kids. But the pressure to fit in or to try something out of curiosity can be too alluring for some.

Dangerous games disguised with unassuming names are wreaking havoc on school-aged children, and social media is helping to spread the crazy. Just in case you weren’t aware, you need to learn about the “eraser challenge”.

It’s been around for a while, and some of you may recall trying it out years ago when you were in school. With the internet involved now, it’s sprouted new legs.

Parents: check your kid’s arms and legs for a long red rash that may look like a line or two. You can do it during the day or if you’re super worried, wake them out of their nightly slumber for a quick exam.

What’s this frenzy about? The eraser challenge calls for kids to rub an eraser harshly across their skin until it burns and turns red. To kick up the ridiculously harmful stakes, they recite something like the alphabet to stretch out the burning process.

Not only is skin turning red, but self-inflicted open wounds are occurring as a result. Though we’re not sure what the prize is, word on the kiddie street is that whoever can last the longest wins and gets bragging rights.

If the gore alone doesn’t concern you, then this will: dirty erasers carry germs. There’s a high risk that harmful bacteria like Staph or Strep will infect a sore caused by eraser marks, and permanent scars are also possible. That’s in addition to the pain.


Your child will not necessarily own up to having these marks or their origin, so it’s on parents to check things out and have a conversation. Notify your child’s school if you come across it.

Doctors recommend cleaning sores thoroughly and applying an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Should pus or other severe signs of infection be present, see a doctor.

Watch the video below to hear how one middle school discovered the eraser challenge and how they handled it among students. For some parents and students, they’d never heard of it until the school sent home a letter.

We know that kids will be kids and continue to do weird, unsafe, or daredevil-type things. We’ve all done them, with many shenanigans initiated during school. This type of thing won’t kill them but can cause pain, burning, and infection, and who really wants that? What do you gain?

Key here is to remind your child about peer pressure and social media dangers. With all the videos online for these types of challenges, chances are your kid will come across one sooner or later. You don’t want to wind up with an injured kid who was just looking for attention. Reminding them to exercise good judgement will go a long way!

Did you know about the eraser challenge? What are your thoughts? Is this one you’ve tried but would rather forget?



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