If You fail to lose weight, Read these 5 Factors that Influence Body Weight and Determine the Success of Weight Loss


What’s that you say? Trying to lose weight? Doesn’t seem to work? That just means one thing; you’re not doing something right. But no worries, here are five of the major metabolic factors which will help you conquer that fat tissue before you know it.

We all know the cliché pieces of advice which convince you to exercise more, take supplements to boost your metabolism, eat fewer calories…and so on, and so forth.

But here’s the thing: You need to think of your body as a temple (yes, this is also a cliché sentence), and start at the very foundations. If you don’t take care of those first, all your other efforts will be worthless, and your ‘temple’ will crumble. Translation – you will gain even more weight, through the incorrect methods you might be using.

These five factors will teach you how to get to know your foundation and build up from it, hence, lose those pounds. Read on to see just what those factors are…

The Five Building Blocks of Your Metabolism

Let’s do a little drum roll and introduce them one by one:


1. The Thyroid – The main metabolism gland which controls your metabolism functions, body temperature, and fat-burning ability.

2. The Liver – The main organ for detoxification. It is also responsible for three-fourths of one’s thyroid production of hormones.

3. The Muscle – The body’s solitary metabolically vigorous tissue which regulates blood glucose, aids you in your fat-burning mission, as well as supports your metabolic functions.

4. The Adrenals – The stress glands. These regulate stress hormones (hence the name), steroid hormones, and also aid in balancing the metabolism.

5. The Body – It is the product of the four previously-mentioned factors. It can either be in a state of disease or function as it should.

Let’s Start With The Liver, Shall we?



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