If You Are Diabetic You Should Definitely Avoid These 20 Foods


Diabetics should follow a diet with foods that regulate blood sugar and does not contain high-sugar produce.

Yet, there are many foods are drinks that we do not know that cause additional problems and raise blood sugar levels on the body.

You should stay away from the following 20 foods in case you are a diabetic:

White rice, bread, and flour: These low-quality carbohydrates interfere with the blood glucose levels, so you should consume whole grains like brown rice, oats, and barley.

Dry fruits: You should avoid dry foods as the sugars in them are more concentrated as they are dehydrated. Therefore, replace them with grapefruit and strawberries.

Alcohol: alcohol interferes with blood glucose levels, so make sure you avoid it completely.

Processed meat: They are rich in sodium, which elevates the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

Full-fat dairy: It contains more fat, so it raises the risk of heart diseases, insulin resistance, and raises bad cholesterol.

Fried foods: Fried foods contain excessive amounts of oils, and are often covered with bread, so avoid them especially if you suffer from diabetes 2.

Nachos: They are rich in calories, fat, and carbs, as a regular order of classic chili nachos contains 830 calories, 59 grams of fat and 39 of carbohydrates.

Breakfast cakes: All these baked goods like donuts, cakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls are abundant in trans fats and sodium.

Fruit juice: These juices contain concentrated sugar which raises blood sugar levels.


Bananas and melons: These fruits are rich in sugar, and you should also limit the intake of bananas, peaches, and melons.

Sugary foods: These foods have low nutritional value and lead to blood sugar jumps.

Thick cuts of meat: fatty meats are loaded with saturated fats that lead to inflammation and are rich in saturated fats. Instead, focus on chicken, pork loin, fish, lean meat, and turkey.

Mixed coffees: mixed coffees often contain whipped creams, syrup, and sugar, so you should stay with the regular coffee varieties with little milk.

Chinese food: These foods contain lots of sodium, fat, calories, and carbohydrates, so they raise blood sugar levels.

Cereals: Most cereals are rich in sugar, so you should avoid this breakfast option.

Frozen pizza: This pizza is rich in calories and fat, so prepare your pizzas in your own kitchen.

Smoothies: You should prepare your smoothies at home, as the ones we buy are full of sugar.

Energy bars: These are dangerous for diabetics, so reduce their consumption.

Hamburger: Hamburgers are full of saturated fats, so they elevate cholesterol and are harmful to diabetics.

Flavored waters: These waters contain sugar, so you should avoid the flavored ones.

Once you learn to live with diabetes and compile a list of healthy foods that regulate blood glucose levels, you can significantly ease your everyday life.



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